Kaba Mas X-10 High Security Combination Lock

As an authorized dealer of dormakaba locks, International Vault is capable of providing the highest caliber locks in the industry. A trusted, key partner of dormakaba for over a decade, International Vault integrates the Kaba Mas X-10 High Security Combination Lock into our vault doors.

Federal Specification FF-L-2740

The Kaba Mas X-10 was designed to meet the latest revision of Federal Specification FF-L-2740. This specification specifically is used to protect Classified and National Security Information. There are two styles of the Kaba Mas X-10, Style 1 and Style 2. Style 1 is self-powered, and is the approved lock for all GSA approved containers and vault doors. The X-10 lock is also approved for use on the Federal Specification FF-L-2890 B, for locks installed on pedestrian doors to Secure Rooms and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). This lock resists all forms of external tampering and manipulation as required by FF-L-2890 B.

Using green, “PowerStar” technology, the X-10 is truly self-powered. By rotating the dial to power up the lock and enter the combination, the lock is immediately brought to life. This Kaba Mas X-10 lock provides all the benefits of high-security electromechanical locking systems, without batteries or an external power source. This lock features a backlit LCD display, approved by GSA.