Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations

Title 21, Part 1301

International Vault products are designed and manufactured to adhere to the Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations. The quoted text below is a part of the Federal Regulations that International Vault is in compliance with. To read the full list of Title Code Federal Regulations, please visit the Diversion Control Division website.

“(4) A cage, located within a building on the premises, meeting the following specifications:

(i) Having walls constructed of not less than No. 10 gauge steel fabric mounted on steel posts, which posts are:

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(a) At least one inch in diameter;

(b) Set in concrete or installed with lag bolts that are pinned or brazed; and

(c) Which are placed no more than ten feet apart with horizontal one and one-half inch reinforcements every sixty inches;

(ii) Having a mesh construction with openings of not more than two and one-half inches across the square,

(iii) Having a ceiling constructed of the same material, or in the alternative, a cage shall be erected which reaches and is securely attached to the structural ceiling of the building. A lighter gauge mesh may be used for the ceilings of large enclosed areas if walls are at least 14 feet in height,

(iv) Is equipped with a door constructed of No. 10 gauge steel fabric on a metal door frame in a metal door flange, and in all other respects conforms to all the requirements of 21 CFR 1301.72(b)(3)(ii), and

(v) Is equipped with an alarm system which upon unauthorized entry shall transmit a signal directly to a central station protection agency or a local or state police agency, each having a legal duty to respond, or to a 24-hour control station operated by the registrant, or to such other source of protection as the Administrator may approve;

(5) An enclosure of masonry or other material, approved in writing by the Administrator as providing security comparable to a cage;”

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