Ready for Deployment Anywhere, Anytime

International Vault’s pre-assembled armory building is equipped for deployment in any area where high security storage of weapons, classified information, or equipment is necessary.

Geared for military and police use, this six-sided vault unit is the only pre-assembled Modular Armory Building in the world with a GSA approved AA-V-2940 rating. It leaves the factory in one piece, ready to be dropped into place, powered, and used immediately.

Our pre-assembled armory offers significant reliability and ease of access for weapons and ammo storage, as well as classified secret storage.

Meeting Federal Specifications

Our pre-assembled armories offer significant advantages over similar structures made from steel.

  • Our concrete weapons magazines have at least twice the usable life of their steel counter parts.
  • Concrete used in armory construction continues to harden over the life of the unit, increasing intrusion resistance as time progresses.
  • D.O.D. 5100.76 and AR 190-11 Compliant

Mobile Security Advantage

Modular armory buildings are relocatable and can be transported around the world for use by military and other personnel.

Our pre-assembled armories contain insulated panel walls and HVAC climate control to allow for use in any climate, including desert and other harsh geographic environments.