Assisting LEED Certified Projects

At International Vault, our engineering and product development is geared to assist architects and planners involved in LEED certified construction.

Energy efficiency, green practice, and sustainable material use are at the core of our product development and installation protocols. For both new building and LEED renovation projects that need Vault and Secure Storage solutions, International Vault provides exceptional solutions.

  • Concrete – both cast in place and pre-formed panels – can facilitate LEED certification.
  • Modular Vault construction and Lightweight Vault options offer customized solutions for any building configuration.
  • International Vault’s SecurCast building panels allow for rapid construction of high security, architecturally appealing buildings using UL and GSA rated components.

DEA Inspection


International Vault's SecurCast product is comprised of cutting-edge, pre-cast concrete panels that can be rapidly configured to develop part or all of a new building project. SecurCast provides a formidable level of security and is optimal for government buildings, classified data storage, and financial institutions.

Concrete is a sustainable building material that not only contributes to Green building, but offers architects and planners and extremely flexible resource; SecurCast simply brings a modular, high security approach to LEED project development.

Visit our SecurCast page to learn more.

Contact us today or give us a call at 833-311-3132 to learn more about how International Vault can help your project meet LEED certification.


Partnering in the Delivery of Unparalleled Security

Rather than list an array of storage products and their benefits, at International Vault we partner with our clients to understand their unique, local situation and specific security challenges.

Modular components allow us to construct a vault within your facility, using the available space as effectively as possible. In addition to the vault, we can design caging and day-gates to provide layered security barriers appropriate to situations where a facility stores drugs across a range of government regulated schedules and levels, each with varying security requirements.

We also have narcotics safes for space saving, small quantity storage of controlled substances.

Whatever your needs, we can help you determine the customized solution best for your situation and budget while assuring compliance with those regulations pertinent to your storage needs.

It all starts with a call to 833-311-3132 or an inquiry posted to our Contact form. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives will begin the process of designing the perfect modular vault solution for your facility.