Customized Modular Vaults

With over 100 years of combined experience in modular vault installation, the team at International Vault, Inc. has installed over 10,000 modular vaults throughout the world!

  • At International Vault, we employ a crew of highly experienced welders, riggers, concrete workers, and installers to provide you with industry leading installation expertise.
  • We install any manufacturer’s safes and vaults anywhere, any time.  At International
    Vault, we have teams that travel worldwide, including vault installations for governments and commercial enterprises in high risk and war-time climates.
  • Quality is a critical component of any vault security system, and our vaults meet the most rigorous standards for intrusion resistance, including UL rating and GSA certification.

Our crews will see to it that your vault, vault doors, or other modular vault equipment is installed correctly to ensure the utmost effectiveness of our products.

Easy access and Hand access installations are available for both Megacrete and Lightweight Modular Vault options. Contact our team to discover which installation type will best suit your intended vault system and facility.

Easy Access Installations

What constitutes an Easy Access Installation?

Easy access Modular Vault installations allow for forklift access into the installation area. Easy access installations require a clear opening of 6′ wide x 8′ high to allow for vault materials and equipment access into the installation location. Our team will also require 14′ clear height within this area to ensure we can properly use our forklift and rigging equipment to move panels and the vault door into place. Easy access installations can be completed for both Megacrete and Lightweight panel options, however are more frequently seen with our Megacrete Modular Vaults due to the nature of the product. Our Megacrete panels are most commonly installed in slab-on-grab applications, where system weight is not a concern. Easy access vault installations are quicker and more cost-effective than hand access installations.

Vault Door Installation

Crane Installation

Hand Access Installations

What constitutes a Hand Access Installation?

Hand access Modular Vault installations are ideal for high rise applications, or any location where weight or slab thickness may be a concern. Our installation team is comprised of experts in rigging and assembling our Lightweight panels without forklift and heavy equipment. This provides your team with the flexibility to install a Modular Vault system in challenging regions or facilities. From Class M to Class 3 UL ratings, our Lightweight panels are no exception to security. Asset protection is not compromised, even with a lighter system. From military facilities requiring GSA approved Lightweight armories on higher floors, to jewelers in Manhattan requiring Class 3 systems for insurance purposes, International Vault manufactures and installs a system ideal to meet your needs.

Roof Access and Crane Installations

As seen in the above images, occasionally Modular Vault installations require more than just hand access. Whether accessing an installation area via a roof entrance or exterior facing window, our expert vault installation team has seen it all. From removing windows on a 30th floor in downtown New York City, to hoisting our vault doors via a crane to drop inside a building due to limited clear opening space on ground level, International Vault is not limited in our creativity, ability to problem solve, and ultimately tackle “impossible” installations with poise and ease.

Government, Commercial, and Residential Installation

Whatever your vault installation needs, International Vault is ready to assist in establishing a secure environment for your unique situation. We provide services to a wide variety of markets and applications, including: