Gaming and Casino

International Vault is the leader in Modular Vault technology, with over 4 decades of experience. Offering top of the line physical storage systems, our modular vaults are UL rated and tested against burglary resistance. Ideal for cash, chip, and other high valuable gaming equipment storage, Modular Vault systems by International Vault are ideal for integration into casinos and entertainment venues.

Modular Vault systems are ideal for high security, high-value asset storage such as cash, chips, and other gaming equipment. Protecting these valuables will enable your business to run smoothly, while having peace of mind during operational and closed hours. Most casinos and gaming centers are overwhelmingly busy with employees and customers moving throughout the building. This concept may make it difficult to keep an eye on your cash, chips, and equipment at all times. Have peace of mind by knowing your money will be secured in our vaults.



Lock Types

Our lock types vary based on your needs and can restrict access from those attempting to enter without permission. This feature will allow you to know who has been in and out of your vault as it enables you to know which code was used to last open your vault.

Kaba Mas X–10 High-Security Combination Lock

One of our high-security locks includes the Kaba Mas X-10 High-Security Combination Lock. The X-10 lock was created in response to the Federal Specification FF-L-2740. This is one of the government’s highest security requirements and International Vault is one of the few manufacturers who partner with the manufacturer of this lock, making for a smooth transition to meet your lock needs. This lock has a backlit display, allowing for an easier view of your lock, especially beneficial for dimly lit areas. Each lock features its own National Stock Numbers so your lock is unique to your business.

Day Gates

Day gates are also a beneficial inclusion on Casino and Gaming vaults. Eliminating the need to throw the lock combination during each visit to the vault, our Day Gates will provide electronic access control for authorized users into the vault during hours of operation. Click here to learn more about our Day Gates.


UL Rated, Burglary Resistant Vaults

No matter the size of the casino entertainment venue, International Vault has a solution. Offering a wide array of sizes and configurations, International Vault will assist with design development and engineering of your Modular Vault system to ensure easy integration into your facility.

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