Security starts at home.

At International Vault, we understand that your prized valuables need protection in the home as well. Whether it’s priceless jewelry, firearms, fine clothing, musical instruments, or more, we know how hard you’ve worked to achieve such prized possessions.

When you have valuables in the home that take up too much space to be stored in a conventional safe, then a safe room or “panic room” may be for you.



In Home Secure Storage and/or Personal Safety

Your secured home space can serve strictly for storage, or provide a secure space for personal retreat in case of home invasion.

International Vault manufactures a vault door intended specifically for residential vault usage.

If your home is already equipped with a safe room, update your current walk in safe or strong room to International Vault levels of security with our residential vault door.

Should you require the design and construction of a home safe room, International Vault provides complete construction and installation services using our Lightweight Modular Vault Panels and decades of world-wide experience.

Contact us today or give us a call at 833-311-3132 to learn more about residential vault doors from International Vault.