4 Hour Fireproof Vault Door

Theft and intrusion are not the only dangers to the loss of your valuables; fire presents the possibility of irrecoverable loss to critical records and irreplaceable possessions.

To provide the fire resistance, records protection, and security against loss that our customers demand, International Vault now offers an Insulated Vault Door, aka a fire door with a 4 hour rating.

  • Fire Door Meets UL specification 72, Class 350
  • Exposed to fire endurance test and explosion test
  • Rated to protect vital records, including those stored on paper, magnetic media, and microfilm.

To learn more about our new Fireproof Vault Doors and available options, visit our Contact Us page, or call us today at 833-311-3132.

Fire Door Installation and Setup

At International Vault, engineering projects that meet UL specifications and GSA specifications are only the start. For us, installation is every bit as important as design and production.

On site, our experienced crews of welders, riggers, and installers assure the integrity of the door set, including smoke seals, door hardware, and fire door assembly.

We’re not only famous for our modular vaults and vault doors, our reputation is built on timely delivery, installation, and setup services. In fact, our installation teams are counted on to install vault systems from other manufacturers every day.

Custom Engineering

Let us hear about your unique installation needs. International Vault’s experience ranges from installing vault solutions in New York City walk-ups to building entire secure structures using our SecurCast building panels. No matter the situation, our engineers and installation teams are able to meet the challenge.

Call us today at 833-311-3132 to speak to one of our modular vault and vault door experts.