Gladiator Vault Door

Wealth Protection and Walk-in Vaults

Designed specifically for use in weight limited applications such as high rise buildings, the Gladiator Vault Door from International Vault provides a high security walk-in solution where weight is a concern.

A versatile vault door package, the Gladiator Vault Door will provide high security asset protection in industries involving jewelry and precious metals, medical marijuana/pharmaceuticals, weapons, cash, and more.

Low Weight, High Security

International Vault strives to produce vault systems that not only meet, but exceed UL standards.

The Gladiator Vault Door, when paired with modular vault panels, meets the standards of the UL 608 specification.

Standard equipment:

  • 3-movement 144 hour resettable timelock that meets the UL 887 specification.
  • An electronic package.
  • A UL compliant ventilator.
  • Two UL 768 compliant mechanical locks.
  • A day-lock feature also comes standard with this door to prevent accidental lockouts during hours of operation.

Optional Equipment includes:

  • A 3 combination lock design.
  • An electromechanical lock .
  • A variety of day gate options.

International Vault will work with you to meet any specific requirements such as custom sizing.

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