When you are in a weight-restricted situation, like a high-rise building, how do you protect your valuables when a traditional, concrete constructed vault is not an option?

Our Lightweight Modular Vault Systems are specifically designed for use in any building environment where weight is a concern. Featuring ship lap joint construction and laminated panels, our lightweight modular vault system is one of the strongest yet lightest vault solutions available worldwide.

  • The Lightweight Modular Vault from International Vault has been performance tested by Underwriters Laboratories to meet UL 608 Standards and GSA AA-V-2737 Standards.
  • Excellent for use in high-rise buildings with floor weight limits and areas with difficult access.

UL and GSA have the most stringent testing practices in the world for Burglary Resistance. Our LightWeight UL Vault systems also have prior approvals for meeting and exceeding Health Canada standards, and European Norm Standard EN-1143.

Low-weight Laminated Panel Vaults

This solution could only come from International Vault and our 40+ years of experience.

At International Vault, we invented a proprietary vault panel lamination process used to manufacture our Lightweight Vault which has been tested and approved over several generations of UL and GSA testing. It’s an International Vault exclusive.

  • The panels are hand fabricated using a priority mix of tool degrading and fire resistant materials.
  • The panels are completely encased in galvanized steel to insure the highest quality interior and exterior finish.
  • The steel encasement also allows us to perform welding of panels joint to joint upon site installation.
  • Materials within the panels are oriented by hand in a pattern preventing de-lamination and all individual pieces are ultrasonically bonded.

For additional information, please download the following brochures:

Limitless shapes in Hard to Reach Locations

Not only does the Lightweight Modular Vault offer more ease and versatility of installation than the Megacrete Vault, manufacture of the Lightweight Vault is not limited to square or rectangular shaped layouts.

We have manufactured and installed rhomboidal, triangular, and many other shaped vaults in the past in conformance with UL and GSA specification.


LightWeight Product Types and Specifications

Panel ClassThicknessWeightTypical Width
GSA 27375"3024"
UL Class M3.25"1436"
UL Class 14.5"1927"
UL Class 29.5"4036"
UL Class 311"4630"