Many small businesses require a safe in order to protect valuables.

Jewelers, pawn shops, watch dealers, and even small banks often include a safe as one of their primary investments when starting out as a company.

  • But what happens when that original safe is no longer adequate? Do you buy a second or a third?
  • For most traditional safes, the concept of enlarging their available space is not an option.
  • This can be very inconvenient, complicated, and potentially impractical when the amount of weight on the floor is a concern.

With the MicroVault from International Vault, this is not an issue. To learn more, Contact Us today.

Secure, Versatile, and Lightweight

Built using UL 608 rated LightWeight Vault Panels in conjunction with a Gladiator Vault Door, MicroVaults have a greater usable interior space than safes of similar size at a fraction of the weight.

The MicroVault can be built in a variety of size configurations to meet the demands of the application and allow for significantly easier relocation than comparable traditional safes.

This vault system can also be expanded later on by one of our installation teams through simply adding additional panels.

For additional information, please download the following brochures:

A Safe Alternative

The MicroVault provides advantages over traditional safes in several regards:

If you're looking for a versatile, lightweight, high security alternative to a traditional safe, look no further than the MicroVault from International Vault.


The MicroVault is an ideal high-security storage solution for the protection of

  • Weapons
  • Jewelry
  • Medical Marijuana and other pharmaceuticals
  • Cash
  • Precious Metals
  • Private Collections
  • Other valuables that must be kept secure and accessible

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